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To Reflector
Screen shots showing the
Navigator Interface using
Ham Radio Deluxe and DM-780
naviusa008003.gif naviusa008002.gif naviusa008001.gif
The picture to the left shows two receive frequencies being copied in PSK31 at the same time.  The third screen is the XMT screen.  Note also on the lower left hand side of the screen the absolute transceiver control I have right from the computer.  I can seamlessly run the transceiver filter bandwidth from 50Hz to 3KHz directly from the screen.
To ENLARGE just click on any picture.
This shows the Super Browser as it is
automatically copying about 10 or 12 different stations at the same time.  I have it configured to copy 30 stations.  You can configure the Super Browser to copy as many as 60 stations automatically if you wish! 

This the Navigator Options screen which is built into the HRD's own DM-780 software.  The top left shows the soundcard correctly set to MAX output on Master and Wave.  (The RF OUT on the Navigator will be used to control the actual RF output.)
The Navigator configured with an Icom IC-7000 using HRD and DM-780.