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About our downloads:   All downloads listed come directly from our webserver.  You will never be redirected to another website of questionable privacy or security to download any of the software listed below.


Navigator USB Drivers.
The latest Drivers are Version 2.4.16 and are qualified for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.  Both 32 bit and 64 bit versions are supported.  You must update to this version if you are running Vista SP2 or Windows 7.  

The download below is a .zip file.  Unzip it to a folder, and see the ReadMe file.  Instructions for XP and Vista/Win7 are provided in the folder.

   Download Navigator Drivers 2.4.16

Navigator Install CD Image

You can download the full CD Image of the Navigator Install.  The procedure for this is in the .pdf file below.

  Download Procedure for NavInstall 


Navigator MAC Distribution

The MAC Distribution includes Driver Installation and the Navigator Options App.  This distribution is for OS-X Snow Leopard and Lion releases.

  Download MAC Distribution V18 


WinKey Manager USB version 2.1  Setup
This is the origianl setup software for K1EL's newest WinKey USB Keyer which is built into the Navigator Interface.  It has been supersceded by the WinKey Demo App below. 

  Download WinKey Manager ver. 2.1 setup software

WinKey Demo App version 2.1 - 2.3 Setup

This is the latest setup software for K1EL's newest WinKey USB Keyer which is built into the Navigator Interface.  This version can be used with all WinKeyers delivered with the Navigator, and offers new features for the latest V2.3 of the WinKeyer.

  Download WinKey Demo App Setup 


MixW   WinKey.ini

This file must be installed in the MixW folder to setup the Navigator's WinKeyer Version 2xx controller.  Instructions for editing this file, and installing it are in the download.

Download MixW_WinKey_ini.zip


Navigator Options - New Version

This is the new improved version of the NavOptions program.  It displays the Navigator COM ports as well as allowing editing the Navigator Options.  Instructions for this new version are in the download.

  Download Navigator Options 


EXTFSK for Navigator

This .DLL is used with standalone MMTTY or the MMTTY engine.  This version of EXTFSK must replace the one provided in the MMTTY download.  If you are a DXLAB user, you must use EXTFSK instead of specifying the COM port in WinWarbler RTTY setup.  Instructions for installion are provided in this download.

  Download EXTFSK for Navigator